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Levoit Air Purifier Lv-pur131 Replacement Filter

This is a great air purifier for true hepa clothes blocks. It is a pdf file with everything you need to know how to use the filter and how to clean it.

Levoit Air Purifier Lv-pur131 Replacement Filter Ebay

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Best Levoit Air Purifier Lv-pur131 Replacement Filter

This is a great air purifier for those who have a levoit lv-pur 131 air purifier. It is true to type hepa filter and removes all types of dust and particles. this is a replacement filter for the levoit lv-pur131 air purifier. It is made of carbon and is in use with true hepa technology. This filter removes all types of dust, pollen, and bacteria, making it a perfect choice for use in other air purifiers. It is made from dependable and reliable materials, and it will help keep your room clean and free of pollution. The true hepa carbon air filter will help to clean your air filters and keep your room looking healthy and clean. This filter is 1pc and is perfect for a variety of applications.