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Ac4825 Air Purifier

Looking for a good air purifier but with a different look? check out our ac4825e air purifier! This purifier is made with hepa air filter and uv-c filter to keep your home clean and healthy. Plus, it has a black look with a small white logo.

Germguardian - 167 Sq Ft 4-in-1 True Hepa Air Purifier - Black/silver

The germguardian is a 4-in-1 true hepa air purifier that requires no electrical connection and is perfect for those with allergies. It can fight bacteria, dust, and allergens while keeping your home clean and free of disease.

Germguardian - 167 Sq Ft 4-in-1 True Hepa Air Purifier

The germguardian ac4825 is a true hepa air purifier that is made for home use. It has a 167 sq ft 2-in-1 option and can cool down air by creating a filter field up to 6. 5 sq ft. The filter can also be replaced once it becomes dirty. the ac4825 air purifier is a great air purifier that is perfect for those with allergies or asthma. It has a very strong filter that removing all dust, particles and bacteria. the ac4825 is a high-quality air purifier that offers german safety and quality standards. With the help of german-made components, this air purifier is very reliable and easy to operate. The purifier also includes an automatic filter replacement system, so you can be sure that the filter is replaced regularly. This air purifier also includes an advanced dustbin, making it the perfect choice for long periods of time. the new ac4825 air purifier is a much needed fix for the ac4800 and flt4825 air purifiers. The new filter is made of high quality, high-quality air space and eliminates up to 99% of the indoor pollen and dust particles. Additionally, the new filter removes harmful particles from the air, which helps prevent respiratory problems.